A1 Spring Rolls...5.95
Golden fried spring rolls filled with mixture of minced chicken, vegetables, and crystal noodles. Served with sweet n' sour sauce.
Veggie Spring Rolls (witout meat)...5.95


A2 Fresh Spring Rolls...5.95
Bean sprouts, fried egg, tofu, Thai sausage and cucumber wrapped in fresh steamed roll. Served with gravy sauce and mustard.
Veggie Fresh Spring Rolls (without meat)...5.95


A3 Shrimps in a Blanket...6.95
Wrapped golden fried shrimps. Served with sweet n' sour sauce with chopped roasted peanuts.


A4 Sa-Tay..............6.95
Skewered marinated strips of chicken breast. Served with Thai peanut sauce and cucumber salad.


A5 Tod-Mun-Pla...6.95 *
Golden fried fish patties blended in mild curry, Thai spices and green beans. Served with sweet n' sour sauce with roasted peanuts.


A6 Crispy Fried Tofu...6.50
Served with sweet n' sour sauce with roasted peanuts.


A7 Crispy Fried Calamari...6.95
Served with sweet chilli plum sauce.


A8 KaNom-Jeep...6.95
Steamed dumplings filled with mixture of shrimp, pork, and chicken. Served over bed of mixed salad and vinegar soysauce.


A9 Chive Dumplings.......5.95
Pan fried vegetable dumplings. Served with vinegar soy sauce.


A10 Sample Appetizer...12.95
Combination of spring rolls (2), shrimps in blanket (2), satay (2). and crispy fried tofu (4).