Thai Peppers Restaurant
Thai Peppers Restaurant

Wok Corner

All items served with steamed jasmine rice (substitute Brown add $1)

Please choose your entrée below and then your choice of meat. 

Chicken, Pork, Mixed Veggies, or Tofu 


Shrimp or Calamari                       

Combination Meat (Chic, Beef, Pork)     

Seafood or Scallops                      


RP1  Gra-Tiam-Prik-Tai (Garlic)*: Choice of meat, carrots, and snow peas pan-fried in mild Thai garlic pepper sauce.  Served over a bed of lettuce and chili sauce.


RP2  Pad-Med-Ma-Muang (Cashew):  Choice of meat, cashew nuts, onions, bell peppers, and carrots sautéed in light gravy Thai soy sauce.


RP3  Pad-Kra-Pow (Basil)***: Choice of meat, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and Thai basil sautéed in spicy garlic sauce.


RP4  Pad-Prik-King**: Choice of meat, fresh sliced green beans, and carrots sautéed in spicy ginger red curry sauce.


RP5  Pad-Kow-Pod-Orn (Babycorn):  Choice of meat, baby corns, carrots, scallions, and mushrooms sautéed in light sauce.


RP6  Pad-Pak-Ruam (Mixed Veggies):  Stir-fried medley of fresh mixed vegetables in light gravy bean sauce with choice of meat.


RP7  Pad-Khing-On (Ginger):  Choice of meat, fresh ginger, mushrooms, scallions, green bell peppers and onions sautéed in light gravy bean sauce.


RP8  Pa-Ram (Rama):  Choice of meat sautéed in Thai peanut curry sauce with steamed broccoli.


RP9  Pad-Prew-Wan (Thai Sweet n' Sour):  Choice of meat, pineapple, tomatoes, onions, snow peas, bell peppers, and cucumbers sautéed in Thai style sweet n' sour sauce.


RP10  Pad-Ma-Kuah (Thai Spicy Eggplant)**: Choice of meat, eggplants, bell peppers, and Thai basil sautéed in spicy garlic chili sauce.


RP11  Pad-Ka-Nah (Broccoli):  Choice of meat and broccoli florets sautéed in light gravy soy sauce.


RP12 Wild Pork****Sliced pork sautéed in spicy curry sauce with bamboo, bell peppers, string beans, and fresh Thai basil.


Spice Level

* Mild  ** Medium  *** Hot  **** Thai Hot

*We are also able to do NO Spice or "x" amount of Thai Hot to suit your palate.

Business Hours



Sunday : 12pm- 9pm

Monday - Friday: 11am-9pm

Saturday:  12pm-9pm


Sunday : 12pm- 9pm

Monday - Thursday: 12pm-9pm

Friday: 11am-9pm 

Saturday:  12pm-9pm


Sunday : 5pm - 9pm

Monday: CLOSED 

Tuesday - Friday:  11am - 9pm

*closed from 3pm -5pm

Saturday:  12pm - 9pm


**Kitchen closes 15 min prior**

Carry Out and Contact-less Delivery Available!! 

Contact-less Delivery!!

Limited Mile/Area Radius

*Delivery stops 30 mins prior to closing*


Lunch - Minimum order $25

Dinner - Minimum order $35


Check in for our Monthly Specials or Announcements regarding the restaurant.


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